This Taylor Swift / Mario 64 Mash-Up Has No Right Being as Catchy as It Is

Think back to the days of Super Mario 64. Do you remember racing against the mama penguin on Cool Cool Mountain and trying your best to jump off the track to the lower level to get a huge lead ahead of her? Of course you remember that, because you never made the jump and it was infuriating.

Well the best thing to do in a situation like that is to take the loss and shake it off. What better way to do that than with MatrixMarioX‘s weirdly satisfying “Slide It Off” mash-up over on SoundCloud, which takes the vocal track of Taylor Swift’s pop hit Shake It Off and syncs them up with the Big Penguin Race music.

Give it a listen, and shake your head along with me while trying to figure out how this works so well when it clearly shouldn’t. Then again, Beyoncé mashed up shockingly well with Mario too, so this really shouldn’t be too surprising.

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