Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Lets You Brutally Knock out Your Horse with Supply Drops

That’s gonna hurt in the morning.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has horses, and it has supply drops, but did you know you could combine the two in a merciless, violent collision? Well, now you do.

During a mission, a player can call in supply drops to bring in aids like ammo, health, and vehicles. A well placed landing, however, delivers a mighty concussion to Diamond Horse as well. Want to see how it’s done? Watch dude_202‘s steed take a high-speed crate to the cranium:

Luckily, D-horse is tough as nails and survived the ordeal just fine. The video’s poster said she was only stunned for about 10 seconds, even though she looks absolutely deceased here. Players can use the same technique to stun enemies with supply drop hits.

Aside from horse attacks, Metal Gear Solid V‘s release day is bringing all kinds of new revelations. It turns out Kojima’s name appears in the game hundreds of times, and that Quiet’s backstory is spectacularly unexpected.

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the game just yet, you can always take a spoiler-free roam through these awesome PS4 screenshots.

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