Hitman Producer Wants Just Cause, Deus Ex, and Hitman in One Movie Universe


Okay, this is super fucking weird.

Hitman: Agent 47 producer Adrian Askarieh said he wants to have a shared movie universe between his Hitman film, his Just Cause film, and the Deus Ex film. Basically, he wants a Square Enix Cinematic Universe. Askarieh currently owns the rights to each of those films except Tomb Raider, so he must’ve figured ‘why not’. No, seriously:

“If everything was entirely up to me, it would be Just Cause, Hitman, and Lara Croft in the same universe, and Deus Ex would be the future of that universe and Thief would be the past. Unfortunately, I don’t have Lara Croft, and Hitman needs to be a big hit for that to happen. But I think Just Cause can be in the Hitman Universe or it can be on its own.”

Again, this is super fucking weird. At least with the Marvel and DC Cinematic universes, there’s actual precedent for these characters from different properties and tones to crossover. But these don’t really seem to gel together. Okay, maybe Final Fantasy and Deus Ex could work, but the others, wait and see, I guess.

You think a Square Enix Cinematic Universe could work? Let us know in the comments below.

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