10 of the Most Unforgettable First Levels in Gaming

Start off with a bang!

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Green Hill Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog


This is the first we saw of Sega’s mascot and in turn became possibly one of the most famous levels in any game. Not only was this brightly colored, straightforward, and iconic from the get-go, but the soundtrack was so catchy and lively that we were all singing after a few listens and you didn’t need a tutorial or annoying pop-ups to instruct you. Everything that makes Sonic memorable is featured in this very first stage – from loop-the-loops to collecting rings, from the secret platforms that hid invincibility stars to the not-so-pleasant spike pits.  We sped our way through Act One and we wanted more.

Scarecrow – Batman Arkham Knight

batman arkham knight best first levels

This game is massively popular, and not just to Batman fans.  The initial introductory cutscenes really show off their incredible graphics as we are shown crime scenes in a Gotham diner and they link seamlessly into the rainy streets of Gotham City that you suddenly find yourself controlling. Before you know it, you’re Batman (which is a win all on its own) and you’re flying over the city. The third person combat starts quite early into gameplay, which is very refreshing and one of the reasons why it’s so memorable – as a player you’ve watched the drama unfold at the diner going from a place to eat into a flaming riot and now, with many kinds of enemies against you, you’re immediately trying to save Gotham.

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