Mass Effect’s Reapers Invade Los Santos in This Grand Theft Auto V Mod

Trevor would probably love this.

In most circumstances, blimps are not scary. But what if every blimp in the world was replaced by a giant mechanical monster that could destroy the planet? That’s what modder JJxORACLE has done with this Grand Theft Auto V mod, which turns blimps into menacing Reapers from the Mass Effect series.

There are a few glitches with the mod, as it can clip through buildings and occasionally disappear. From a certain point of view, that could be a positive. What’s scarier than a giant robot that can destroy entire cities in seconds and disappear when it feels like it?

The Reaper mod replaces blimps in Grand Theft Auto V, so players can actually pilot them. There’s no weapons included, so your Mass Effect reenactments will have to wait for a future mod.

You can download this GTA and Mass Effect crossover at GTA 5 Mods.

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