Watch Sonic Rise Up Against Evil With the Help of the Great Shia LeBeouf

What’re you waiting for? Just do it!

If you haven’t played Sonic Generations, you should probably not watch the video attached in this post. Actually, scratch that. Even if you haven’t played Sonic Generations, you really should just watch Sega’s latest teaser anyway, just to bask in the glory of the great philosopher Shia LeBeouf.

The trailer, which was featured prominently on Sonic the Hedgehog’s official YouTube channel, shows off Sonic receiving words of encouragement from our favourite characters such as Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and of course, Shia LaBeouf himself. The video contains scenes from the game interspersed with snippets of LeBeouf’s motivational speech, making this one of the most hilarious things we’ve seen on the internet lately.

While Sega hasn’t exactly been knocking it out of the park with its Sonic titles lately (looking at you, Sonic Boom), Sonic Generations was a pretty decent entry to the well-loved series, and the company has certainly stepped up in its marketing campaign for the game to western audiences.

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