Batman: Arkham Knight Guide – How to Get and Access Costumes and Skins

Batman: Arkham Knight comes with multiple costumes that you can equip for Batman (or Robin, Nightwing, etc.) to wear. But maybe you’re not really sure what you need to do to wear your Batman Beyond skin or Dark Knight Returns skin. Never fear, here’s what you gotta do!

At the main menu, go through the whole ‘press start button, select save files’ bit. Scroll down to the ‘Showcase’ tab, then press R1 (on PS4, right bumper for Xbox One) until you get to the Batman skins. Scroll to the one you want to use, hit the square button (or X on XBone), and you’ll be looking like a fresh new hero in no time!

Same rules apply for his sidekicks, Robin and Nightwing.

Got a favorite costume in Arkham Knight? Let us know in the comments below!

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