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Check Out Bungie’s Real Life Destiny Rocket Launcher, the Gjallarhorn

We need these at sporting events.

The team over at Bungie has the actual Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny and at this year’s E3 they decided to make the wait to play Destiny‘s new expansion, The Taken King, slightly easier, by showing this crazy gun off.

This special rocket launcher from the Destiny universe looks exactly as it does in the game, though there is one key difference, the gun is used to shoot out t-shirts and merch instead of highly explosive rounds.

Bungie brought the detailed T-shirt gun out while gamers waited eagerly for up to four hours in line to play the new expansion. Some of the videos from their event can be seen on Bungie’s Vine account.

Destiny’s The Taken King expansion will be available on September 15.

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