This New Destiny House of Wolves Video Nicely Sums Up What to Expect

Check out everything House of Wolves has in store for Destiny fans straight from the designers themselves.

A new behind the scenes Destiny video was released today through PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. The video highlights the major competitive and cooperative content that will headline its second expansion, House of Wolves; namely the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris (alongside the new PvP maps).

Although we’ve known about the Prison of Elders for some time now, a Twitch reveal which took place earlier today has shed some light on a lot more new information. After completing the House of Wolves story mode content, three Guardians will be able to team up to take on various horde mode (waves of enemies) like challenges. Modifiers throughout rounds (such as buffing weapons or providing an additional objective besides killing everything) will mix things up. While the level 28 version of the Prison of Elders can be repeated for basic rewards like reputation, the more difficult versions (levels 32,34,35) will feature weekly challenges similar to the Nightfall rewards. Honestly, it sounds a bit like Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer and I’m perfectly fine with that.

The new video also goes into some of the new PvP maps that will be available in House of Wolves. What’s exciting about the new maps is that it looks like Bungie was willing to be a little more adventurous this time around, featuring two completely new areas. The map Black Shield will send you to Mars’ moon Phobos. While Widow’s Court will send you to the European Dead Zone to fight on city streets amidst crumbling buildings. There will be a total of four new maps with one being a PlayStation timed exclusive (The Timekeeper).

And finally, in case you missed the reveal last week, the video will also catch you up on the Trials of Osiris. This new House of Wolves PvP mode will challenge Guardians to put together their best team, and win as many matches in a row as possible to earn rewards including new armor and weapons. Games will be Elimination style, meaning once you get downed, you’re out until someone from your team revives you. Once you’ve knocked out the entire team, you can claim victory.

Make sure to check the video out if you want to see what House of Wolves has in store for Destiny fans straight from the designers themselves. House of Wolves will be available on May 19 across all current platforms.


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