Minecraft's 3rd Birthday Means Three Free Skin Packs for Xbox Users

Happy birthday Minecraft!

To celebrate Minecraft‘s third year on Xbox, developers over at Mojang are giving away three absolutely free skin packs to players who own Minecraft on either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

The three packs will be available for download on either consoles from now up until May 17, so pick them up while you can. Two of the free packs were available to users on the Xbox 360 when they were released during Minecraft’s previous two birthdays, however, this is the first time any of the packs will be available on the Xbox One.

This year’s birthday skins will include the “veteran Mojangstas and a few cheeky extras pack,” the “2nd Birthday Skin Pack from last year,” and the “1st Skin Pack from Minecraft‘s first Birthday.”

Birthday Skin 1 Birthday Skin 3


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