Destiny’s Xur Has Ice Breaker for Sale This Weekend (2/13-2/15)

This week Destiny’s Xur is selling what is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and useful weapons in the game, Ice Breaker.

Xur, Destiny’s shady black market dealer, sells powerful exotic weapon and armor every weekend. This week though he has what is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and useful weapons in the game, Ice Breaker. The Ice Breaker is one of the most powerful sniper rifles, boasting 331 attack, solar damage and the ability to explode enemies upon killing them. The icing on the cake however is its ability to regenerate ammo. Meaning tough encounters where you have to stay away from the fray (such as nightfall strikes), there’s no need to risk going out into gunfire to pick up ammo or waste ammo packs. Very helpful indeed.

This weekend, Xur is hanging out in the lower hangar area. Besides the Ice Breaker, he is offering up a helmet (The Helm of Inmost Light) for Titans, a chest piece (Crest of Alpha Lupi) for Hunters and a helmet (Light Beyond Nemesis) for Warlocks. The Helm of Inmost Light allows strikers to have two bonus perks (Headstrong and Death from Above) without having to have them selected. The Crest of Alpha Lupi is perfect for team players, allowing you to revive faster and generate more orbs. Light Beyond Nemesis for Warlocks is somewhat similar, allowing you to revive faster and use orbs to heal yourself.

If you’re looking for strange coins, they can commonly be found by completing the weekly heroic and nightfall strikes along with completing a daily public event and turning in blue engrams.Also, Xur has a multitude of exotic weapon and armor upgrades that can be purchased for one exotic shard and around 7500 glimmer, provided you have the original non-upgraded version.

Check out the images below for a look at Xur’s location and the stats for all of the items he has for sale. Have you recently picked up Destiny’s first expansion The Dark Below? Check out our starting tips, guides on preparing for the new raid and strike, and of course our review.

xur locationHelm of Inmost Light Crest of Alpha Lupi Light Beyond NemesisThanks to Jeff of Destiny Fireteams for help with the images this week!


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