Dig Romance? Here Are the 6 Most Romantic Games of All Time

Love is in the air~

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Uncharted Franchise

He's just so dreamy!

He’s just so dreamy!

The rugged action hero always needs a love interest, right? And what if it happens to be a beautiful, ass-kicking journalist? Then we say the Uncharted franchise is a major paragon of romance in video games. Add in that this epic tale of love and separation spans every game in the series, and it shows no sign of stopping for A Thief’s End..

Better yet, the Uncharted series teaches us that a romantic game can be true to reality. As Yami so aptly puts it, “Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher teach us that you CAN be with someone you’re completely incompatible with and hate… So long as you’re constantly fearing for your life and they’re the only person around.”

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