Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie Release Date Announced

The Dead Rising: Watchtower movie that brings back combo-weapons, Zombrex and Frank West, finally has a release date. The movie is to release March 7, 2015 through Sony’s streaming site, Crackle.

After the announcement of a Dead Rising movie a few months back, Capcom’s zombie-based video game-turned-movie, finally has a release date. Dead Rising: Watchtower will be released on March 27, 2015 through Sony’s streaming service known as Crackle, as well as DVD and television.

Dead Rising: Watchtower will take place during the events of a zombie virus outbreak, after the government creates a vaccine which ultimately fails in stopping the infection from spreading.

Dead Rising

The movie will bring back combo-weapons, Zombrex and the game’s memorable photojournalist, Frank West, in form of comedian and retired Marine Corps Reserve officer, Rob Riggle.


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