Toto Temple Deluxe Exclusive for Ouya, Why are Devs Still Doing This?

Juicy Beast, the independent game developer of Toto Temple Deluxe will apparently be taking their talents to the Ouya. They’re a Montreal based development studio that previously has worked with multiple web and mobile games. Knightmare Tower for the iOS is one of their previous accomplishments. Toto Temple Deluxe will be an “arena based, 2D platformer” that will have two to four players combating in a king of the hill styled match. A teaser trailer was released and you can check that out here. The art style draws me in and it seems to take a lot of influence from The Behemoth’s Battleblock Theater. It could be really awesome, I don’t know as I’ve never played a game by Juicy Beast. Really, this news post is more to highlight the issue that game developers are still developing exclusively for the Ouya. I sincerely do not know why.

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