Less Than 150 Limited Run 'Binding of Isaac' Tarot Decks Remain

Limited edition Tarot Decks featuring art of the game The Binding of Isaac are up for sale and selling fast. After only five hours, stock is down from 666 to 150. The box art was designed by Edmund McMillen, the guy behind that Binding of Isaac thing. The outside of each box is signed and numbered by McMillen himself. Each of the 78 full sized tarot cards feature art by Tikara.

These things are crazy adorable. As someone who has dumped way too much time into the twinstick roguelike BoI, I would buy these in a heartbeat if I had $45.00 laying around. Most of the stuff featured on McMillen’s store site would look great on my desk. …Which is a weird thing to say considering most of them are figurines of crying and possessed children. Check out the Tarot Deck (and the rest of the store’s adorable stock) here!

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