Boom Boom! Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be releasing on May 20 in North America and May 23 in Europe. A new trailer has been released that shows an action-packed adventure full of so much Nazi-killing it would make Lt. Aldo Raine proud. Preordering the game will grant access to a beta for Doom (previously titled Doom 4)

Wolfenstein: The New Order will take place in an alternate history where the Nazis are triumphant victors of World War II. As Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, players will launch an impossible counter-offensive against the monstrous Nazi regime and an army of robots and super soldiers.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be launching on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

You can pre-order the game here!

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