Satoru Iwata’s Salary to be Cut in Half, Other Nintendo Executives Take Slighter Salary Cuts

Following the news of Nintendo’s revised profit estimates earlier this month, things were already looking abysmal for the company. A report from AFP published today confirms the notions of the Wii U’s poor performance over the holidays. As a result, Satoru Iwata is taking a 50% pay cut over the next five months.

Iwata isn’t the only one experiencing a cut, Siliconera reports that Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto will take 30% cuts and the remaining directors at Nintendo are having their salaries cut by 20%.

As of right now, it is unclear whether Nintendo will be able to turn the fate of the Wii U around. Hopefully the release of blockbuster games like Super Smash Bros. will spur sales but things are looking grim at the moment.

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