Look At How Ridiculously Pretty Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is in These Screenshots

So shiny. So edgy.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will officially be released tomorrow, and just in case you had any doubt about how great this game looked, here are 42 screenshots to put your mind at ease.

The screenshots show of the city of Glass and a few of its districts. We also get a quick look at some of the seriously beautifully rendered cutscenes, as well as some of the parkour gameplay, and Faith’s progression menu. The screenshots don’t contain any spoilers and they were all taken from the first couple hours of the game, so don’t worry about getting spoiled on big plot twists and turns.

So far, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been a delight to play, and the city of Glass feels almost limitless, especially since the game doesn’t have loading screens. Except when you die or restart a checkpoint, of course. The parkour and combat feel really smooth, though I have to advise against playing this game for more than three hours at a time, as all the running and climbing and rolling could potentially give you motion sickness and slight discomfort. Other than that, Catalyst has been nothing but a blast to play through.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 7. Will you be picking this one up when it drops tomorrow? Let us know in the comments down below.

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