Check out Destiny Age of Triumph’s New Raid Armor and Their Unique Regen Effects

destiny age of triumph is incoming, and that means new raid armor sets are inbound. on today’s destiny livestream, bungie unveiled the look of these new armor sets, and some cool regen effects they have when you take damage

we have an armor set for crota’s end, wrath of the machine, the vault of glass. you should also check out the pictures for the oryx armor, and triumph armor.

age of triumph is the last hoorah for destiny, with a sequel planned for later this year. these raid armor sets are the last designs your guardian will be enjoying before they ship off for a new adventure and dangers. the team took the time to showcase hunter armor, warlock armor, and titan armor during the show, with these raid sets each carrying special importance to the team. destiny age of triumph is a walk down memory lane for the team and for players. everyone involved will be revisiting old stomping grounds, recounting their times spent in-game, and wrapping up their to-do lists before destiny 2. so before you prep for the trial, make sure to check out these age of triumph raid armor sets and let us know which you’re looking forward to donning in the coming weeks.


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