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Top 15 Best Current Generation Games According to Metacritic


Top 15 Best Current Generation Games According to Metacritic

Reviewing the highest average critical ratings of this generation’s best games.

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What Remains of Edith Finch

Top 15 Highest Rated Current Generation Games According to Metacritic

SCORE – 89

what remains of edith finch

The listed Metacritic scores have been calculated by using a weighted average system. This is because, on Metacritic, multiplatform titles are not only scored differently for a given game, they’re also reviewed by a varying amount of critics. For example INSIDE is scored 91(PS4), 93(Xbox One), 87(PC), but there are over 80 critical reviews for the Xbox One version and only 18 for PS4. Therefore, to find an accurate average, we have taken into account what percentage each total represents the total number of reviews across all platforms.

What Remains of Edith Finch stands atop the modern “walking sim” genre of video games, delivering a powerful story-driven experience. It tells the fateful history of the Finch family, exploring a series of tragedies leading to each member’s demise. The plot straddles between realism and the supernatural, with the narrative vignettes seemingly pointing toward a family curse. Despite only taking around two hours to complete, the deeply emotional journey of this artistic indie experience resonated with reviewers, resulting in the highest scores for any first-person adventure game.

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