5 Reasons Why You Should Play L.A. Noire When It Comes to Switch

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Joy-Con Support With Motion Controls

l.a. noire

This is probably the most Nintendo Switch specific reason to pick up the L.A Noire re-release and is something we’ve never seen from Rockstar’s game. As well as being able to play as you would on another console, there is a Joy-Con mode that brings with it gyroscopic, gesture-based controls, HD rumble, and new wide and over-the-shoulder camera angles, plus contextual touch screen controls for portable detective work. You will be able to feel, more than ever, like you’re the one conducting the interviews and interrogations with the Switch’s unique controls. Since this is something that wouldn’t be possible on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it is a compelling reason to buy L.A. Noire on Switch instead.

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