Microsoft Needed to Impress With the Scorpio, But Came Up Short

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Another E3, another Microsoft press conference has passed. The company has been betting big on these shows ever since the Xbox One’s initial reveal as they’ve been pushing really hard to get back into the good graces of gamers everywhere. Recently they’ve done a good job at showing the company is definitely player focused, but that hasn’t seemed to help much in the sales department, which is clear from Sony’s solid 2:1 lead in console sales with the PS4. E3 2017 was a chance to really start bridging that gap thanks to some powerful new hardware,which got a snazzy new name, and the promise of some big games.

Now that the press conference is over, it has us thinking. It was clear that this was a big opportunity for the company to show off their new hardware and really sell it. After watching everything (more than once), we now wonder if they succeeded. In some ways it seems they have, but in others, not so much. 

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