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Top 10 Most Popular Esports in the World Right Now


Top 10 Most Popular Esports in the World Right Now

Turning the sporting world upside down.

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3) Counter Strike GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is as old as the hills. The online squad-based shooter first gained traction way back in the late 1990s as a modification running off Half-Life. Counter Strike rose to fame as one of the pioneering esports back when the CPL and World Cyber Games were in full flow. Later, Source attempted to update the format, powered by Half-Life 2’s more modern engine but it never quite gathered the same momentum. Global Offensive, however, has proved a smashing success and has seen the franchise clamber back to the top of esports pile.

Counter Strike GO is absolutely on the up, recording ever more impressive view statistics on Twitch – averaging 46.5 million a month- only behind League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients. Perhaps one reason why Global Offensive’s views on Twitch have seen such impressive growth is the game’s simplicity in comparison to MOBAs. There is no myriad of spells, hexes or complicated strategies to learn in GO’s easier-to-follow 5v5 format.

A single Eleague Major match between Virtus Pro and Astralis recently smashed one million concurrent viewers on Twitch. Global Offensive tournaments often boast prize pools of around $1.5 million. Of all esports, the game enjoys the most tournaments and total professional players.

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