This Console Generation’s Top 10 Largest Open World Maps

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10) Fallout 4 – 3.82 mile²

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Bethesda’s latest open world epic is not actually as large as you might have thought. Reddit user BradburyMan measured the game’s explorable area within the map’s red boundary and discovered the size was just 3.82 mile². It should be noted that these measurements account only for the outdoor, wasteland area of Fallout 4. Adding the volume of indoor and underground sections, as well as DLC such as Far Harbor and Nuka-World would account for a greater total size.

It takes just 41 minutes to traverse Fallout 4’s map on foot, which works out to 2.73 miles walking at 4mph in a straight direction. BradburyMan measured his X,Y,Z location using the in-game console using getpos x, getpos y, getpos z, and then mapping all of those points inside of a GIS. He then created polygons, which can then be used to measure the geometry (area, perimeter). The area in map units was 48,511,960,915.7 map units, which equates to 106,593,664.12 sq ft.

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