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This Console Generation’s Top 19 Largest Open World Maps


This Console Generation’s Top 19 Largest Open World Maps

Does size really matter? We find out which game comes up top trumps when it comes to map size.

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19) Assassin’s Creed: Unity – 1.06 mile²

Ubisoft’s first true current generation Assassin’s Creed title didn’t go down too well with critics and users when it launched back in 2014. A number of bugs and woeful optimization were panned, and quickly became the subject of all manner of hilarious videos and memes. As a result, Unity isn’t fondly remembered, but that’s a shame because its poor state at launch spoiled what was a genuinely rich and gloriously detailed open world. In some ways, it was too technically ambitious for its own good. Paris is a wonderfully rendered city (so long as you’ve downloaded the patches!) and up until that point, was the largest urban area Ubisoft had ever created (Syndicate’s London now has that honor). Including other smaller areas of the game, such as Versailles and Saint-Denis, Unity clocks in at 1.06 mile².

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