This Console Generation’s Top 15 Largest Open World Maps

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15) Batman Arkham Knight – 1.3 mile²

Batman Arkham Knight is set in an absolutely stunning rendition of “Central Gotham” — three densely urbanized islands with towering, rain-drenched skyscrapers. But while swooping in between its massive buildings certainly showcases excellent verticle design, Arkham Knight’s map is actually quite small by open world standards. Reddit user shtevay spent hours painstakingly measuring and recording every inch of its map. His information is exceptionally thorough, referencing each individual area of Gotham City across the entire Rocksteady trilogy.

He’s also provided some fun facts about the city. Here’s a few we found particularly interesting:

  • With a population of at least 6.3 million, Gotham City would be the second most populous city in the United States. Greater than the population of Los Angeles (3.9 million) but less than the population of New York (8.5 million)
  • With a current known size of 5 Km2 (entire Gotham City, not just Arkham Knight’s map), Gotham City would be the smallest Metropolis in the United States. The current two smallest major cities in the United States are Boston (125 Km2) and San Francisco (122 Km2)
  • With a current known population density of 1.3 million people/Km2, Gotham City would be the most densely populated area on the planet. That’s just 0.07 cm2/ person.
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