Here’s How Persona 5’s Cast Fit into the Series’ Character Tropes

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Protagonist – The Rebellious Youth
protagonist persona 5

While Persona 5’s hero is a silent protagonist, he does get a bit of personality through the text that you select in dialogue. Through this, as well as his Phantom Thief alter ego, you get get a glimpse at the rebellious spirit trapped inside of the protagonist. The protagonist has been dreadfully wronged by society, and this has motivated him to use his new-found power to change it.

Like many teenage heroes in RPGs, the Persona 5 protagonist holds his ideals close, and isn’t afraid to step on toes to meet his goals. He struggles against authority constantly and inspires others to do the same. In this case, that’s the Phantom Thieves. Despite his rebellious nature, the protagonist also has a quick wit and is always willing to drop a few jokes. Other protagonists in the Persona series bear some similarities as well, with Tatsuya from Persona 2 and Minato from Persona 3 also having a rebellious streak.

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