5 Incredible, Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice in Horizon Zero Dawn

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Tree Ants

horizon zero dawn ants

Photo via @Justinator5000

Horizon Zero Dawn looks absolutely stunning on both the standard PS4, and the supercharged, 4K PS4 Pro. When out on our adventure, we found a number of incredible, tiny, details that just has us staring in disbelief at the screen. It’s worth noting that all of these were captured while playing on the PS4 Pro, so there may be some details you won’t see on the standard system.

As you go about exploring Horizon Zero Dawn’s world, you’ll likely be enamored with stunning panoramic views and towering machines, but looking a little closely, say at a tree, will reveal tiny details that are just as awe-inspiring as that giant sunset snap you got.

Yes, yes, the bark on that tree looks incredibly realistic, but look closer. Those little flecks of orange you see are actual, moving ants. And yes, they’re carrying bits of leaf or a flower back to their nest.

While it’s easy to get lost in the bigger picture of Horizon Zero Dawn, taking a moment to just inspect a random part of the environment will reward you with the kind of tiny, fascinating details that help bring the world to life.

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