What the PS4 Pro Learned Since Launch, Microsoft’s Scorpio Can Steal

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Better Developer Support

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Microsoft announced Project Scorpio at E3 2016 with a few tech specs and a whole lot of ideas on how people will play games in the future. The company announced the console publicly to give developers time to make sure their games can work with the new hardware by the time it launches sometime around Holiday 2017.

Microsoft’s ethos for Xbox is to have one game library across whatever system you play on. That is why the company has been pushing Xbox 360 backwards compatibility because buying new hardware does not have to mean sacrificing your old games.

Sony was able to court developers for the PlayStation 4 Pro and had almost 40 games with enhanced support at launch, though there were some games that ran worse and needed a few more updates. All Xbox One games will work on the Scorpio, but Microsoft needs a wider depth of titles that support the new HDR and native 4K features of the new system.

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