5 Nintendo Remakes That Would Sell the Switch Like Hotcakes

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Super Mario Sunshine


Super Mario Sunshine was a great little GameCube game, but one that’s often overshadowed by its bigger and bolder Wii successor, Super Mario Galaxy. Seeing Mario blamed for dirtying up the tropical isles of Delfino, Sunshine has players embark on a quest to clean the place up with the help of a high-tech water cannon called FLUDD. It was certainly different to the usual Mario storyline, but a welcome change and one that allowed the gameplay to receive a shakeup. Sunshine was a perfect example of Nintendo’s unparalleled creativity and game design, something Nintendo took even further with the Wii’s Galaxy duo.

With 2017 marking Sunshine’s 15th anniversary, it’d be great to see Nintendo dust off the cobwebs and bring Sunshine to the HD generation. A full-fledged Mario adventure on the go to get fans prepared for the teased Mario game in the Switch trailer? Yes, please.

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