The Biggest Moves and Mistakes Square Enix Could Make in 2017

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There were many surprises in the year of 2016, both good and bad. But IO Interactive’s Hitman was one of the more pleasant ones, taking what at first seemed like a rather debatable handling of episodic gaming and delivering one of the best experiences in the episodic genre. It definitely suits the stealth franchise, and with season one having recently wrapped, the question shifts to what Square Enix and IO can do for season two.

While not officially announced, it’s pretty much a given that there’ll be a season two coming. By the end of the final episode, all the big plot stuff is laid out and sets the stage for Agent 47’s next chapter. It’s sure to be a tense battle including tons of garroting, throat slicing, and body hiding, and we can’t wait for it. As long as they continue to deliver stellar content and provide plenty of incentive to return to older levels, we can’t wait to fulfill the next contract.

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