10 Winter-Themed Games to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer

Batman: Arkham Origins is seen by many as the weakest entry in the Arkham series, mostly due to being developed by WB Montreal rather than Rocksteady, as well as its similarity to Arkham City. However, it tells an excellent Joker vs Batman story, is a great entry in the franchise, and it is a shame that it wasn’t included in the remastered collection this year. Many of Batman’s foes, including the Joker, launch their plans on Christmas Eve in a snowy Gotham City. Whilst the city is still dark and threatening, festive iconography litters the street and snow flurries sweep around as Batman takes out the thugs. It is interesting to play an Arkham game set in a different time of the year and fans of the series shouldn’t dismiss it as a subpar entry.

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