4 Ways Nintendo’s Switch Is their Most Conventional Console Since the Gamecube

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Marketed toward adults (so far)

Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch was only just announced last week, but from what we’ve seen, the console is targeting the adult market harder than the children angle. While the Wii and the Wii U marketing skewed more towards the family environment of a living room, what we see in the Switch’s reveal is mostly a singular, and older, player going from their big screen to on the road.

It seems like the areas in which Nintendo wants to promote multiplayer are with that of your friends and peers. In the video, we see the player take their Switch to a basketball court, a rooftop party, and the backseat of a car and distribute the Joy-Con controllers to instantly enable local multiplayer. This is generally an interesting idea, but even more curious is what has been a primarily family-facing company for so many years seems to be catering to the modern 20 or 30-something living in the city.

It’s always possible that this is just one angle that Nintendo will be taking with Switch marketing in the coming months before release, but the young adult crowd is clearly a focus in the way it hasn’t been in the past.

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