The Assassin’s Creed Movie’s Past Sequences Won’t Be in English

assassin's creed movie

“It really adds an exoticness and richness to the film.”

The Assassin’s Creed movie will be featuring a lot of subtitles, as director Justin Kurzel revealed in a recent interview that the film’s historical scenes, set in 15th Century Spain, were all filmed in Spanish.

“I just love the fact [production company] New Regency embraced it,” Kurzel said in the latest issue of Total Film magazine (via GamesRadar). “We did play around with English as well, but it was really obvious what you wanted as soon as you went back and started speaking beautiful Spanish. It really adds an exoticness and richness to the film.”

The majority of the Assassin’s Creed movie will be set in the present day, however, with 35% taking place in Animus sequences. Michael Fassbender, who plays prison convict and sometimes stabby assassin Callum Lynch, said the plot decision is meant to introduce new elements to the experience, rather than copying the timeline balance of the games.

“We have a real story,” Producer Frank Marshall assured at this year’s Ubisoft E3 conference. “This is a real movie with an actual narrative arc so it will be good, we promise.”

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