Dear Esther: How to Drown and Get the Seonaidh Trophy/ Achievement

How to Drown – Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

With the release of Dear Esther on PS4 and Xbox One comes a fresh list of trophies and achievements to grab. While a good few of them are related to simply finishing the game, a couple of others require you to do other things you may not necessarily know how.

The Seonaidh trophy simply requires you to drown once. This may seem pretty simple but you can’t just do this in any body of water. The best places to do this is where the water is particularly deep, and thus simply walking out to sea will see the screen pulsate light and dark before “Come back…” is muttered and appears on the screen.

Shortly after this, you’ll reappear back on land and the trophy/ achievement should pop. You don’t get anything special from the game other than the trophy for doing so, so you can just continue on your adventure around the island.

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