What is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Everything You Need to Know

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been described by its developers as a soft reboot of the franchise, meaning you won’t have to play the first game to enjoy this one. Catalyst has also been touted as the origin story for protagonist Faith Connors.

The game takes place in a city of Glass, where conglomerates and large corporations have taken control of everything. It’s essentially a city where the elite prosper, and the poor continue to suffer. There is civil unrest in the city, and the Black November resistance movement eventually emerges, taking peaceful protests to more violent ends. Faith is a Runner, a person specialized in parkour skills who traverses the landscape quickly, delivering messages for anyone willing to pay up.

She’s a bit of a neutral party at first, but released material for the game suggests that she’ll quickly come face to face with the conglomerates, and start taking a stand against them.

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