Someone Made Nicki Minaj’s Met Gala Outfit Into Kingdom Hearts Fanart

She’s a mothereffing monster.

A few days ago, New York had the Met Gala, wherein a bunch of celebrities went looking all dressed to the nines. Some stars ended up looking like video game characters. Some looked good, some looked sparkly as all hell, and others just looked bad. One star that definitely didn’t look bad was was singer Nicki Minaj. Minaj rolled into the event looking basically like a Final Fantasy character, something quite a few folks pointed out.

Nicki’s weird belt buckle corset thing looks really cool, admittedly, so much so that Twitter user Nijuukoo went and actually made it into fanart for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise.

This definitely looks like something that a character would wear in Kingdom Hearts, but probably not Nicki. Plus, how often do you see art of a musician holding a Keyblade and looking like a complete badass while doing it? But if Nicki Minaj is the Sora in this scenario, who’s her Donald and Goofy?

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