Overwatch’s Story Explained: Why They’re All Even Fighting

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Overwatch Review

Overwatch is the latest online multiplayer shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, but did you know that this game and its characters have tons of backstory too? The events of the game take place about 60 years in the future, but the big incidents and crises in the world began about 30 years prior to that.

To start, these are the characters who are part of the organization before it was disbanded: Soldier 76, Winston, Mercy, Reinhardt, Tracer, and Torbjorn. Reaper and Widowmaker are the terrorists, and everyone else are considered outliers or neutral parties. We’ve taken the time to put together and summarize the important bits of the game’s lore, all so you can understand the climate of the world, and perhaps even the mindsets of the characters themselves.

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