Ratchet Took a Break From Saving the Galaxy to Play His Own Game at PAX East 2016

ratchet and clank, netflix

How vain.

This year’s PAX East was amazing. There were a ton of games to play and panels to watch, of course, but one can’t overlook the impressive cosplayers that came out to the show. Getting to see awesome cosplay is one of the best parts of conventions, after all. Lo and behold, while roaming the Expo Hall, I came across this marvelous sight. A meta situation to turn the universe into itself.

Insomniac Games’ latest reboot of Ratchet & Clank was playable at the Sony booth, and instead of a newcomer to the franchise trying out the game, Ratchet himself was playing.

ratchet and clank, pax east 2016,

Look at how bored Clank is right at this moment. Ratchet didn’t even give him an unplugged controller to act like he was helping. Man, what a scoundrel.


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