6 Games That Tried Way Too Hard to Be Edgy

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Sometimes, while playing a game, you can almost hear every poor decision that went into bringing it to life. With every press of a button, you hear the faint echoes of a voice calling, “More guns, see?” Maybe you’ve heard someone whispering, “Hmm… not vengeful enough.” Or perhaps you’ve heard the words, “EDGIER.”

Business people shaking hands after successful negotiations

Business people shaking hands after successful negotiations to create Shadow the Hedgehog.

Almost everyone would like to play as a cool character, and video game companies know this. Often times, though, they take this sentiment to the extreme. These are the moments where we get a game that become a caricature of itself. These are the moments we get the games trying so hard to be cool, but probably based off of some producer’s preconceived notion of what the gaming demographic would like.

Almost everyone likes cool games, but when a game tries so hard to be cool, it comes across as entirely ingenuine. So here’s some games that did just that; let’s begin:

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