Nintendo’s E3 Booth Celebrated Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary in Style

Star Fox everywhere!

Nintendo is one of those companies that just gets it. They know that everyone at E3 wants to have fun, and they want to do so in a place that is bright and cheerful. So, it is no surprise that the Nintendo E3 2015 booth was one of the brightest, most inviting spots on the showfloor. In the center, you had a screen with a huge stage for fans to compete in some challenging Mario Maker stages. Surrounding that were tons of booths showcasing all of the best experiences Nintendo has to offer. But these were more than just demos, these were opportunities to win some exclusive pins (badges of honor, if you will) by making it to the end, or defeating fellow fans. Nintendo’s booth was more than a showcase, it was a celebration of games and players alike.

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