Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: How to Get Your Rockruff Event Pokemon

How to Get Your Rockruff Event Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon take players on a new journey in Alola while introducing a few new interesting features to the series. If you bought the game early, you will have the chance to participate in the special Rockruff event promo. Take note that this is no ordinary Rockruff, as it has an exclusive Dusk Form upon evolution.

To get the Rockruff event Pokemon, you have to unlock the Mystery Gift option first. Just play through the story until the game lets you choose your starter Pokemon. From there, save and head back to the title screen of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Use the Mystery Gift option to connect your 3DS to the internet and download your own special Rockruff event ‘mon. To claim it, head over to the nearest Pokemon Center and talk to the delivery man inside.

Rockruff will come with one of two moves depending on which version you have. Ultra Sun gives you Fire Fang while Ultra Moon has Thunder Fang. It will also be holding a Focus Band which sometimes prevents the Pokemon from fainting.

The special Rockruff event will only last until Jan. 10, so make sure you get yours before then. For more Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon tips, make sure to check out our nifty guides!

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