10 Scariest Video Game Creatures That Continue to Plague Our Nightmares

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Broken Neck Woman (Fatal Frame 2)

Broken Neck, Fatal Frame 2

The Fatal Frame series is well known for scaring fans by making sure they get a good look of the ghost before killing them. There are no guns in the game as you’ll have to rely on your trusty aged camera to banish those evil spirits. For effective “attacks,” you have to make sure the ghost is as close as possible before taking the shot. Essentially, the game forces you to face these spirits head on if you want to survive.

One infamous spirit you’ll have to face in the second game is called the Broken Neck Woman. You can guess how she looks from the name alone as her neck is deformed with her head is hanging lopsided on her shoulders. Lore-wise, there’s not much known about who this spirit actually is. However, she’s speculated to be a member of the Tsuchihara family who helped maintain the prison. When the darkness invaded the village, she decided to jump off a bridge and end her life. We can see how well that ended up for her. Make sure to find the Broken Neck’s perfect angles when taking her photos!

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