5 Ways Age of Triumph Can Send Destiny Out with a Bang

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More Light

Destiny: The Dawning

When we say more Light for Destiny, we aren’t asking that they cut out the dark areas you can traverse in the game – we’re actually quite fond of those. What we mean is more power. Events in Destiny have always been cool, but they often become little more than a hunt for weapons you may never really use, and armor that you collect just to say you have it. There’s no incentive of becoming a more powerful Guardian and therefore increasing our legends.

Granted, an event won’t bring a drastic increase in Light level, but raising it by 20-25 will bring back that drive to explore the cosmos once more. If this event is like any in the past, we’ll definitely be revisiting areas, so why not let us show all those denizens of the Darkness how much we’ve grown?

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