Borderlands 3 Secret Found Hidden in Battleborn’s DLC

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Ready to go vault hunting again?

A hidden Easter Egg has been discovered in Battleborn’s most recent update that provides some clues as to what players can expect from Borderlands 3.  This hidden message came in the form of unusual signals coming from Varseli Portal anomalies players encountered while performing new side missions.

The strange sounds were actually Morse code and when all six different signals were found, decoded and placed in order the hidden message was revealed:

“Visit Prometea, children of the vault. We are not on Pandora anymore, Tannis is not what she seems. Do not open the vaults”

The first interesting piece of information in this coded message is the mention of a planet called Prometea. In the Borderlands universe, there is no planet by that name but there is a planet called Promethea which is likely where players will be heading in Borderlands 3. Promethea is where the weapons manufacturing company Atlas discovered alien technology which it then used to improve their own weapons and vehicles.

The other interesting piece of information is the apparent warning about Tannis which could be referring to recurring Borderlands character Patricia Tannis. She was a major player in the first Borderlands game and it’s possible she will play a key role in the third game as well.

From this one Easter Egg it is apparent that Gearbox is planning to shake things up in Borderlands 3.

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