Top 10 Best Digimon DigiDestined That Made the Digital World a Better Place

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Cody Hida (Digimon Adventure 2)

The second season of Digimon jumped three or four years into the future after the adventures of the original season and brought with it a mostly new cast of Digidestined. Chief among them was Cody, the youngest of them all, but easily the most mature and wise. Thanks to his grandfather, it’s allowed him to mostly keep a cool head during the adventures he goes on with the other kids. Fittingly, his wisdom is what later grants him the Digi-Eggs of Knowledge and Reliability. Like the other new kids this season, he first encountered the Digital Monsters when they crossed over to the human world in 1999, having been saved from a helicopter crash by Garudamon and MegaKabuterimon.

As intelligent as he is, Cody does still have his own hangups and insecurities to deal with over the course of the series. The idea of taking a life doesn’t sit well with him, and even something so much as telling the tiniest of lies makes him question how good of a friend he is. Even warming up to Ken’s attempts to redeem himself took longer than the other Digidestined. Despite all that, he’s a kid who wants to do right in the world, as his future as a criminal defense attorney has taught us. 

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