If Ariana Grande Can Be in Final Fantasy, So Can These 5 Musicians

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Lin-Manuel Miranda


Let’s face it, if there’s any other musician would who drop everything for the chance to be in Final Fantasy besides Ariana Grande, it’s likely Miranda. (Ideally, it’d be him and Daveed Diggs, but we can’t send this into complete awesome overload.) The Hamilton creator may have his hands full with other projects, but one can imagine that it wouldn’t stop his pure entertainment power. Like, at all.

Who would he be in the story? As much as we’d like for him to be the main playable character, it’s likely that he’d be more of a party member instead. While he would definitely kill it as the comic relief, he’d probably be something akin to Ignis in Final Fantasy XV: dry humor, intelligent, and incredibly talented in one specific area that ensures the rest of the party doesn’t die. Maybe he even has his own original song in the soundtrack as well, just to add to the greatness.

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