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Gears of War Could Exist “in Different Gaming Genres,” Says Phil Spencer

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Gears of War Could Exist “in Different Gaming Genres,” Says Phil Spencer

“I think there’s multiple ways that you can tell that story.”

Gears of War has become one of Microsoft’s most popular franchises and is well known for it’s intense third-person shooting and over the top gore. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the series is very fleshed out and has a lot of depth to be explored.

According to Xbox head Phil Spencer and The Coalition’s creative director Chuck Osieja, the Gears of War series could well be explored further via different game genres.

During a Q&A at the Xbox Fanfest event in Sydney, Australia, the two were asked “If Gears of War could expand into any other gaming genre, what would it be?” Spencer stated that Osieja needed to be careful about his answer, hinting that something might already be in the works.

Osieja gave a very careful answer, saying: “At Microsoft, we evaluate all opportunities for our franchises. So, if the right opportunity presents itself, we’ll explore that as something we can offer our fans.”

Spencer poked fun at the diplomatic answer by booing it and giving it a thumbs down. He then said: “Definitely when we got the team together and talked about the future of gears of war, I think there’s multiple ways that you can tell that story. Multiple gameplay genres. I think it’s a really big IP and it’s an IP that could exist in linear form, in books–we’ve seen that; in different gaming genres.

“You should understand that this franchise is important to use as a platform-holder as any franchise that we have and we wanted to be fully invested in where you want to go play the game.”

It wouldn’t actually be so strange for there to be a Gears of War game that wasn’t a third-person shooter. Microsoft’s other popular shooter series, Halo, has seen games made with different genres such as an RTS and a top-down shooter.

If a new Gears of War game was made in a different genre, what would you like it to be? An RTS Gears, or maybe a Telltale adaptation?

Gears of War 4 is set to be released on the Xbox One and PC on October 11.

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