There’s a Sweet Harry Potter Reference in Dying Light: The Following

the following

The Boy Who Lived has come to die.

Dying Light: The Following offers a brand new open world for all of your zombie-slaying antics, complete with an awesome new vehicle. It also maintains the developer’s love for amazing Easter eggs. One of the new ones was discovered by Reddit user YoYoBallz and uncovers a magical treat.

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While playing, the user stumbled across a mysterious situation under a flight of stairs. It turns out that the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter himself, may have spent some time in the Countryside, and not in London like we were previously lead to believe. His trusty wizard hat, bag of gold, and those signature round glasses are all here as they should be. The only thing missing is Harry himself.

Perhaps the Boy Who Lived just couldn’t cut it during a zombie outbreak? If only Hermione and Ron were around to save him as always.

Dying Light: The Following is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Good night, good luck.

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