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5 New Characters We Can’t Wait to Meet in 2016


5 New Characters We Can’t Wait to Meet in 2016

Hello, fresh meat!

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Yooka & Laylee in Yooka-Laylee


We first laid our eyes on this pair of colorful creatures when it was announced that Playtonic Games, a studio made up of developers who worked on games such as Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Pinata, and Donkey Kong titles, were hoping to get their game funded through Kickstarter.

Never had anyone imagined a bat and a chameleon could be best friends, but nevertheless, gamers were intrigued, handing over $3.25 million to see the pair come to life. Although Ratchet & Clank are making a comeback in 2016, there’s always room for more dynamic duos, especially new ones! We helped you two get your start; now don’t let us down!

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