Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Reveal Goes as Well as Expected

Sit back and get the popcorn.

Earlier today, Sega revealed Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, the 3DS sequel to Sonic Boom from last year. To say that Boom wasn’t received well would be putting it lightly, and the Sonic franchise in general hasn’t exactly won over fans since the time of Sonic Heroes (or depending on who you ask, Sonic Colors). So, as anyone with a brain could reasonably expect…

People weren’t happy.


I think “relevant” and “Sonic” don’t compute. Like, at all. Ever.

Anything’s possible.

Most positive reception anyone’s given to Sonic in years.


The internet to Sonic right now.


Well, there you have it, people. Everyone is so sick of Sonic’s shit. Just…absolutely done. Bravo, Sega, you’ve done so well in making people hate Sonic.

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