10 Easter Eggs in Batman: Arkham Knight You May Have Missed

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Lex Luthor

As you may have already seen, Lex Luthor is referred to on more than one occasion throughout Batman: Arkham Knight. Apart from the message on the answering machine, Lex has quite a strong presence in the city of Gotham.

As you smash, drift, and speed around Gotham, it’ll be difficult to miss the numerous billboards and buildings featuring the above Lex Corp logo. The building shown above, arguably the Gotham branch of this billion dollar aerospace engineering firm is located on Founders Island. There was also a slight reference to Lex Corp in the opening scene of Arkham Knight that we picked out in our feature here.

Turns out that when Rocksteady mentioned they’d love to do another superhero game when they put the Batman saga to an end, they may have already had their next idea in mind. All we can do for now is merely speculate, but it sure is an interesting prospect.

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